"The Pine Barrens" with music score performed LIVE on Opening Night by The Ruins of Friendship Orchestra



149th & Grand Concourse 3:13  (BLOCK 3  MY ART, MY OBSESSION) 
Animation/Documentary, USA 2016
Director Andy & Carolyn London
Synopsis: From the team that brought you "The Lost Tribes of New York City" comes an animated documentary that captures the diverse voices of the South Bronx against a backdrop of rapidly changing streets. An animated portrait of New York City life in flux.
PA Premiere

Alone: The Only Thing to Fear is Yourself 1:28:00  (BLOCK 14  THE EXPERIMENT)
Experimental / Drama, USA 2016  
Director MYC Agnew
Synopsis:  A man loses his house, his job, his woman and his mind. In the course of 24-hours, he will only win one back.
PA Premiere  

Angelica 3:43  (BLOCK 1  OPENING NIGHT)
Animation, Australia 2017
Director Jenae Hall
Synopsis:  While reading a bedtime store, a young girl and her cat are suddenly transported to a dark mystical world. 
PA Premiere

The Astronomer 7:33  (BLOCK 13  LOCAL HEROES)
Drama/Fantasy, USA 2016  
Director Kelly Murray  
Synopsis:  In 1916, a young woman sneaks out of her astronomy class to explore the night sky with a band of mystical gypsies. She soon discovers she can learn far more about the universe out in the world than she ever could in a sterile classroom.
Lehigh Valley Premiere 

Bath Salts 1:35  (BLOCK 12  GRINDHOUSE)
Animation/Horror, Canada 2015  
Director Jessica Blaquiere
Synopsis:  After a long day, Eugene wants to kick back and take a nice hot bath. He decides to make it extra special and adds some bath salts, but watch out because these bath salts aren't the traditional sort.
World Premiere

Beware the Beast I Worship 10:39  (BLOCK 11  THE DARK SIDE)
Horror, Brooklyn 2017  
Director Adam Chitayat  
Synopsis:  A man on a subway train encounters a voice heard only in his head coming from a stray dog with twisted intentions.
PA Premiere

The Bonito is Finito 10:00  (BLOCK 3  MY ART, MY OBSESSION)
Animation, USA 2017
Director Victor Stabin
Synopsis:  Ripped from the mind of Artist/Eco-Surrealistic Alliterator/Humanitarian, Victor Stabin comes a true and timely cautionary tale about BiBo, the part-mackerel, part-oak tree Bifoliated Bonito. A circle of life, end times fable, where a hermaphroditic mutant swimming in a lake of pharmaceuticals has it's story told by talking clams that sound like NPR broadcasters. Featuring the voices of the BBC’s Lucy Kellaway, WNYC’s Leonard Lopate & Andy Lanset and NPR’s beautiful Brooke Gladstone.  
World Premiere

Boxer 4:47  (BLOCK 7  ACTION!)
Action/Drama, USA 2016
Director Toy Kei
Synopsis:  A middle-aged contract killer must reconcile her life between her ruthless clients and her young, unquestioning son who wants to be just like her.
PA Premiere

Bride of Frankie 18:48  (BLOCK 5  IDENTITY)
Comedy/LGBTQ, USA 2016
Director Devi Snively
Synopsis:  In this feminist nod to Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, a not-so-mad scientist builds a mate for her mentor's lonely creation with electrifying and deadly results.
Lehigh Valley Premiere



Bus Bugs 1:37  (BLOCK 6  GRINDHOUSE)
Animation/Horror, Canada 2015  
Director Jessica Blaquiere  
Synopsis:   Beware of the icky bus bug, for it may attack and cause infection, hallucinations and infestation.
World Premiere

Centralia 1:33:00   (BLOCK 13 LOCAL HEROES)
Documentary, USA 2017
Director Joe Sapienza
Synopsis:  In 1962, the town of Centralia is overcome by a massive underground coal fire. But after the government intervened, the fire only grew larger forcing the population out of their beloved homes and ultimately creating one of Pennsylvania’s most tragic and famous ghost towns.
World Premier 

Chateau Sauvignon: Terroir 13:10  (BLOCK 12  GRINDHOUSE)
Horror, USA 2015  
Director David Maire
Synopsis:  The isolated son of an ancient vintner family is torn between obeying his stern father and preventing his ailing mother from further deteriorating. When a woman and her son arrive from the city seeking a tour of the winery, Nicolas sees an opportunity to prove his worth.  But his careless plan risks unearthing his family’s dark secrets.
Lehigh Valley Premiere

The Cost of Living 21:53  (BLOCK 8  HARD LIFE)
Documentary/Experimenta, USA 2016  
Directors Pamela Falkenberg & Jack Cochran
Synopsis:  Inspired by the Polaroid stills and short poems by Jack Cochran, “The Cost of Living” combines a collage of found footage, live action, animation and audio to create a very personal biographical narrative while remaining an outlier whose quirky visual style resists any single genre or category.
PA Premiere

The Dark Chamber 15:00  (BLOCK 11  THE DARK SIDE)
Thriller, Germany 2016
Director Alexander Löwen
Synopsis:  Bored with her marriage, Maria seeks new excitement in the guise of a renowned fashion photographer with a dark secret.
North American Premiere

Diamond Dayze 15:00  (BLOCK 7  ACTION!)
Action/Comedy, USA 2017  
Director Alexandra Adomaitis  
Synopsis:  A young woman with a dangerous past is forced to face an old foe when she discovers that a precious item has been stolen.
PA Premiere


Do You Like Me Now?  4:07  (BLOCK 4  YOUNG LOVE)
Experimental/Dance, USA 2017
Synopsis:  A dance-infused modern love story shot on the streets of New York critiquing the fickleness of attraction and the way people mold themselves to seem more desirable. The film is a collaboration with dance collective Anatomiae Occultii set to a minimalist score by Russian composer and violinist, Ljova.
Director Chris Shimojima
World Premiere

Does a Bear Need Many Glasses?  8:55  (BLOCK 5  IDENTITY)
Drama, USA 2016
Director Wei Cui
Synopsis:  A young man who always wears a bear costume falls in love with a girl at a craft store and tries to protect her from a thief.
Lehigh Valley Premiere

Don’t Feed The Troll 17:00  (BLOCK 11  THE DARK SIDE)
Horror, USA 2016
Director Marc Fratto
Synopsis:  A nasty internet troll gets the ultimate payback.
PA Premiere



Driller Killer Starring Shank the Ripper 3:00  (BLOCK 6  GRINDHOUSE)
Horror/Gore, UK 2016  
Director Nicholas Baumkotter
Synopsis:  Boy in a Suitcase films proudly presents “Driller Killer” starring the masked serial killer Shank the Ripper. Don’t laugh at him or you’ll regret it! 
North American Premiere

Earworm 5:06  (BLOCK 6  GRINDHOUSE)
Horror/Sci-Fi, LA 2016  
Director Tara Price
Synopsis:  When a reclusive man is repeatedly woken up throughout the night by severe headaches accompanied by music from an unknown source, his sanity swiftly begins to unravel.
PA Premiere


Erika Stone: Street Scene 9:03  (BLOCK 3  MY ART, MY OBSESSION)
Documentary, USA 2017
Director Lars Gerhard
Synopsis:  Erika Stone began her amazing career shooting The Bowery in the 1940's and spans six decades photographing life on the streets of her beloved New York City.
World Premiere

Even Lovers Get the Blues*  1:30:00  (BLOCK 9  AFTERMATH)
Drama/LGBTQ, Belgium 2016  
Director Laurent Micheli  
Synopsis:  Ana is sleeping with Hugo, Dalhia with Graciano, Léo with Louis, and Arthur with everyone. Wild parties and love affairs lead to heart breaks, unquenchable desires and the craving to live life to the fullest. 
*Strong Sexual Content – No one under 18 admitted
East Coast Premiere

Fallen 5:10   (BLOCK 14  THE EXPERIMENT)
Fantasy/Experimental,  Thailand / USA 2016
Director Tak Kuroha
Synopsis:  Bangkok and Los Angeles are two special places, both known as "City of Angels.”  Once every seven years, the Gods send two angels down to earth to find fallen angels and offer them a chance to return to heaven. 
PA Premiere

The Fastest, Most Romantic Love Yet 1:13:00  (BLOCK 4  YOUNG LOVE)
Comedy, USA 2016
Director Shane Butler
Synopsys:  Two soon-to-be Tinder lovers banter with friends and the crazy characters who drop in on them before finally meeting for their much-anticipated “date.”  A very funny and timely commentary about the impact technology has had on our dating / mating rituals, reminiscent of early Kevin Smith, a touch of Woody Allen and a big dose of millennial angst.
PA / Mid-Atlantic Premiere

Fool’s Chair 11:35  (BLOCK 14  THE EXPERIMENT)
Experimental, USA 2015
Director Eric Szollosy  
Synopsis:  A stream of consciousness exposé on temporal entropy and spatial strife.
World Premiere

For Isabelle 3:00  (BLOCK 10  LOVE SURVIVES)
Drama, Australia 2017
Director Tilly Hobkirk
Synopsis:  Isabelle has waved to the man upstairs every day since she was a little girl. She collects the little wooden animals he makes for her…even after his death.
US Premiere

Funeral Day 1:18:45  (BLOCK 2  LOVE & DEATH)
Comedy, USA 2016
Director Jon Weinberg
Synopsis:  A dark LA comedy about a guy who decides to skip his friend’s funeral and change his entire life by the end of the day.
Lehigh Valley Premiere


Goliath 18:06  (BLOCK 4  YOUNG LOVE)
Comedy, France 2016
Director Loic Barché
Synopsis:  Nicolas is madly in love with Charlotte, a girl he barely knows yet fantasizes about through the pictures she posts on Facebook. With a friend, he decides to prove his love for her by performing a dangerous stunt.
PA Premiere

Hard Way - The Action Musical 33:00  (BLOCK 7  ACTION!)
Action/Musical,  Germany 2016
Director Daniel Vogelmann
Synopsis:  After losing his best friend, Zach, in a S.W.A.T. raid, Jake and his team are determined to hunt down the terrorist responsible for Zach's death. A story of hard, violent men who kick ass…while singing and dancing!
North American Premiere

Henry 53:00  (BLOCK 3  MY ART, MY OBSESSION)
Drama, Austria 2015
Director Phillipp Fussenegger
Synopsis:  Henry, an incredibly gifted young organist, arrives at an exclusive boarding school in the alps dedicated to music. His fevered obsession for the organ only increases the more that his cruel and jealous rival bullies him.
PA Premiere

Hog Hunters 22:00  (BLOCK 6  GRINDHOUSE)
Horror/Dark Comedy, USA 2017
Director Aaron Carter
Synopsis:  Four drunk friends go chubby chasing and get more than they bargained for...way more.
World Premiere

How To Get Caught 3:20  (BLOCK 6  GRINDHOUSE)
Horror/Action, USA 2016  
Director Toy Lei
Synopsis:  Three thieves seeking their last big score discover their prize comes with unexpected consequences.
World Premiere

I Am Spartan 32:21  (BLOCK 7  ACTION!)
Action, USA 2016
Director Jyo Carolino  
Synopsis:  A young soldier returns from the war a broken man only to experience another tragic loss. While driven to personal destruction, he is offered a chance at redemption - survive one final battle and embrace the legacy for which he was destined.
Northeast Premiere

I Baked Him A Cake 4:59  (BLOCK 11  THE DARK SIDE)
Horror, USA 2016  
Director Samantha Kolesnik
Synopsis:  An angry wife’s final birthday party for her husband.
World Premiere

I Don’t Like Her 20:00  (BLOCK 5  IDENTITY)
Drama/LGBTQ,  Iran 2016
Director Javad Daraei    
Synopsis:  Eli has been struggling with her identity her entire life while growing up within the rigid fundamentalist culture of Iran. Despite the constant fights with her family, she resolves to pursue her true self.
PA Premiere

Identity Parade 4:18  (BLOCK 5  IDENTITY)
Experimental/Animation, Spain 2016
Director Gerard Freixes Ribera
Synopsis:  Drew has escaped and is stalking Melinda, but who is hiding behind the mask?  A film created by remixing and manipulating archival footage.
East Coast Premiere

January Hymn 13:09  (BLOCK 2  LOVE & DEATH)
Drama, Ireland 2015
Director Katherine Canty
Synopsis:  Clara returns home for the anniversary of her father's death. Through the fractured narrative, we see how Clara's grief shapes her poetic relationship to a home forever altered by loss.  Shot on location in Laois, Ireland
PA Premiere


Journey 7:40  (BLOCK 1  OPENING NIGHT)
Animation/SciFi, Australia 2016
Director Radheya Jegatheva
Synopsis:  Lost and alone in space, an astronaut drifts aimlessly through the empty void clutching a polaroid image of the Earth.
North American Premiere

La Tristesse Durera Toujours 11:49  (BLOCK 6  GRINDHOUSE)
Experimental / Dark Comedy, USA 2017
Director Vincent de Ghoulie
Synopsis:  Vinny de Giulio chronicles his final days of residing in Los Angeles while producing a movie under the influence of LSD.
US Premiere

Lady Death 11:40  (BLOCK 2  LOVE & DEATH)
Comedy, Ireland 2016
Director Karen Quinn
Synopsis:  Lady Death is seeking a friend or a lover. However, striking terror into the hearts of everyone she meets makes this endeavor quite a challenge.
World Premiere

Leslie 20:30  (BLOCK 3  MY ART, MY OBSESSION)
Drama, USA 2016
Director Alejandro Montoya
Synopsis:  A struggling singer/songwriter must decide whether to keep following her dream when everything around her is telling her otherwise.
PA Premiere


Let's Get a Room 13:23  (BLOCK 4  YOUNG LOVE)
Comedy, USA 2017
Director Samuel Cieri
Synopsis:  Abbey and John get a hotel room to attempt a steamy one-night stand. "Lets Get A Room" is an off-beat comedy about two people, an erection and pancakes.
World Premiere

Life is Pain 11:00  (BLOCK 13  LOCAL HEROES)
Animation/Black Comedy, USA 2016
Director Tedd Hazard
Synopsis:  A story about addiction and the bad choices we make in life.
Lehigh Valley Premiere   (Local Hero) 

Little Red Truck 8:58  (BLOCK 13  LOCAL HEROES)
Drama, USA 2016    
Director Kate Kelsen
Synopsis:  A young boy steals money from his cash-strapped mother to buy a little red truck he’s been obsessing over. He soon learns the consequences of his actions and tries to get his money back.
PA Premiere

The Long Island Wolf 7:24  (BLOCK 7  ACTION!)
Dark Comedy,  Germany/USA 2017
Director Julien Lasseur  
Synopsis:  Johnny is a down on his luck hustler with a habit of using a crowbar to solve his problems. After conning his way into a risky partnership with an obnoxious, loud mouth criminal, the two sign up for a mysterious job for a legendary Long Island mob boss.
PA Premiere

Marbletown 38:00  (BLOCK 8  HARD LIFE)
Drama, USA 2016    
Director Wesley Mellott
Synopsis:  On the run from the cops, criminals Tim and Molly arrive in Marbletown, where their lives take a drastic turn.
World Premiere


The Mess He Made 10:07  (BLOCK 9  AFTERMATH)
Drama/LGBTQ, USA 2016
Director Matthew Puccini
Synopsis:  A man spends 15 minutes waiting for the results of a Rapid HIV Test.
PA Premiere

Metube 2 - August Sings Carmina Burana 5:00  (BLOCK 14  THE EXPERIMENT)
Experimental / Fantasy, Germany 2015
Director Daniel Moshel  
Synopsis:  After Elfie and her nerdy son, August, successfully proved themselves on their home webcam in MeTube 1, the odd pair venture onto the street to present the biggest, boldest and sexiest operatic flash mob the internet has ever witnessed.
PA Premiere

Monday 10:52  (BLOCK 7  ACTION!)
Action/Comedy, USA 2016    
Director Alejandro Montoya
Synopsis:  Jim was just fired and then dumped and it's only 10:00am. Now he will try to put his life back together not knowing the day's mayhem is only beginning.
PA Premiere


Necessity Has No Law 6:01  (BLOCK 8  HARD LIFE)
Documentary, Egypt 2016
Director Ahmed Hamed
Synopsis:  A day in the life of a child worker as he begins his career in a brick factory in Egypt and an old man in the same hopeless profession.
US Premiere

Next 7:00  (BLOCK 4  YOUNG LOVE)
Drama, Russia 2016
Director Elena Brodach
Synopsis:  Another night, another naked body in her bed, a sharp lancet and a hidden box of secrets. Who will be her next victim? 
PA Premiere

Not Yet 9:13  (BLOCK 2  LOVE & DEATH)
Drama, USA 2016
Director Chad Hamilton
Synopsis:  A loving husband takes his sick wife to a park attempting to uplift her spirits.
Lehigh Valley Premiere

On Attend (Awaiting)  12:00  (BLOCK 8  HARD LIFE )
Drama / Experimental, Belgium 2016
Director Dimitri Sterkens
Synopsis:  When Camille, a young African girl, tries to cross the border to find her family, she gets stuck in a cyclical no man's land of Kafkaesque bureaucracy and hopelessness.  
PA Premiere

Origami 13:00  (BLOCK 10  LOVE SURVIVES)
Drama, USA 2017  
Director Paul Burger
Synopsis:  Hoping to save his parents’ failing marriage, an 8 year old Brooklyn boy devises a scheme to lead them back to the places where they first fell in love. 
World Premiere


Out Here in Kansas 32:28  (BLOCK 5  IDENTITY)
Documentary/LGBTQ, USA 2016
Director Adam Knapp
Synopsis:  This film explores the tumultuous relationship between Christians and the LGBT community in the Midwest and includes commentary by Grammy Award-winning musician Melissa Etheridge and Matthew Vines, author of “God and the Gay Christian.” Its mission is not to judge Christians or the LGBT community, but to explore both sides and invoke open-minded discussion.
East Coast Premiere

Palacios 1:17:00  (BLOCK 15  JUSTICE)
Drama, USA 2017
Director Robert Herrera  
Synopsis:  During the 4th of July holiday, Eugene, a black inner-city teen, escapes the city streets and hides out on a Midwest city rooftop where he’s found by Holly, a widowed alcoholic who lives alone in the secluded rooftop dwelling. The two commit to spending the day together above the city as they wait for a hopeful resolution to Eugene’s situation. As the day passes, their friendship grows, but their personal realities begin to catch up with them.
World Premiere

Payday 19:30  (BLOCK 7  ACTION!)
Action/Comedy, Germany 2017
Director Felix Kempter
Synopsis:  To pay his debt, paramedic Mike agrees to provide his ambulance to a couple of thugs for "just one hour.” But things don't go quite as planned.
US Premiere

The Perfect Family 4:58  (BLOCK 12  GRINDHOUSE)
Horror, USA 2016  
Director Ron Sierra
Synopsis:  Two sisters are creating the perfect family for themselves…by way of taxidermy.
East Coast Premiere

The Pine Barrens 1:57:00  (BLOCK 1  OPENING NIGHT)
The Film Score will be performed LIVE by The Ruins of Friendship Orchestra!
Documentary, USA 2017
Dir. David Kessler
Synopsis:  With lush cinematography and a symphony of sounds, Director David Kessler takes us on a journey through the forested reserve that dominates the southern half of New Jersey.

A Perfect You 10:10  (BLOCK 10  LOVE SURVIVES)
Comedy, USA 2016  
Director Sue Lange  
Synopsis:  A story of a young woman seeking perfection who encounters disaster when a single flaw creeps in.
Lehigh Valley Premiere


Plush Bus 9:07  (BLOCK 12  GRINDHOUSE)
Offbeat Comedy, USA 2016  
Director Jeffrey Garcia
Synopsis:  A lesbian nun must provide financial support for her pregnant cheating wife by doing stand-up comedy for cash.
World Premiere

PMS: Pre Teen Monster Syndrome 29:39  (BLOCK 12  GRINDHOUSE)
Horror/Grindhouse, USA 2015  
Director Nathan Ludwig & Chad Farmer
Synopsis:  There’s a new drug on the street that turns menstruating girls into raging mutant monsters and it’s severely impacting the business of a flamboyant pimp, his rogues’ gallery of henchmen and their stable of unstable hookers.
PA Premiere

Quaker Oaths 1:28:00  (BLOCK 10  LOVE SURVIVES)
Comedy, USA 2016    
Director Louisiana Kreutz  
Synopsis:  When Quakers marry, they ask every wedding guest to sign their marriage certificate. It’s a sweet tradition that signifies the importance of community. But when Joe and Emily want a divorce, that sweet tradition creates an unexpected challenge: now every guest must cross off their name to make the split official. In this off-beat comedy, our two would-be divorcees hit the highway to track down friends and relatives, revisiting old feelings and discovering new ones along the way
PA Premiere

Random 7:09  (BLOCK 2  LOVE & DEATH)
Drama, USA 2016
Director Cindy Maples
Synopsis:  For Evan and Nancy, life is perfect, but one night changes everything.
PA Premiere

Red 20:00  (BLOCK 11  THE DARK SIDE)
Thriller, UK 2017
Director Branko Tomovic
Synopsis:  A failed surgeon working in the illegal organ trade aka “red market” is looking for a way out of this dark, twisted world. But he owes his life to a soulless crime boss who would rather kill him then let him go.  *Disturbing content.
East Coast Premiere

Relics 8:30  (BLOCK 9  AFTERMATH)
Drama/LGBTQ, France 2017    
Director Benoit Masocco
Synopsis:  While preparing for his move, Johann finds objects that remind him of an old love affair with Boris. So he decides to reach out to him one last time.
PA Premiere

Rites of Vengeance 4:27  (BLOCK 12  GRINDHOUSE)
Horror, USA 2017
Director Izzy Lee
Synopsis:  A trio of nuns take matters into their own hands when a priest commits a terrible sin.
PA Premiere

Save 3:54  (BLOCK 11  THE DARK SIDE)
Horror/Thriller, Spain 2016    
Director Iván Sáinz-Pardo
Synopsis:  New parents, a perpetually crying baby, sleep deprivation and insanity.
PA Premiere  

See You Yesterday 15:00  (BLOCK 15  JUSTICE)
Sci-Fi/Drama, USA 2016  
Director Stefon Bristol  
Synopsis:  Presented by Spike Lee, two Brooklyn teenage prodigies, CJ and Sebastian, determined to outwit fate and play God, build a make-shift time machine to save CJ's brother from being wrongfully killed by police.
PA Premiere

#Selfie 7:00  (BLOCK 4  YOUNG LOVE)
Comedy, Germany 2016
Director David M. Lorenz
Synopsis:  Everything seems perfect for a couple on holiday in Berlin…until he wants to take the perfect selfie. The end of a relationship as seen through the lens of a mobile phone.
PA Premiere

Selkie 7:37  (BLOCK 10  LOVE SURVIVES)
Fantasy / Romance, USA 2016
Director Amy Frear  
Synopsis:  A wayward selkie (a seal that can turn itself into a human) follows a school of herring up the Delaware river and is captured by a man from the Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia.
Lehigh Valley Premiere


The Shoulder 9:45  (BLOCK 8  HARD LIFE)
Drama, USA 2016    
Director Rebekah Nelson  
Synopsis:  A young man kidnaps his older brother and drives him cross country to ween him off heroin.
PA Premiere

Silence 14:39  (BLOCK 3  MY ART, MY OBSESSION)
Drama, Australia 2016
Director Dejan Mrkic  
Synopsis: A sensuous portrait of a young musician who begins to tackle the fragility of her own identity when her hearing starts to fade into a seemingly muted existence.
East Coast Premiere


Sweet Maddie Stone 23:41  (BLOCK 8  HARD LIFE)
Drama, UK 2016
Director Brady Hood
Synopsis:  15-year-old Maddie Stone rules her school yard under the protection of her family name. But after discovering her notorious father has been arrested, she has to make his bail money or lose the yard. The more Maddie fights, the more her world spirals out of control…and the closer she gets to becoming the man she's trying to save.
North American Premiere

The Swelling 15:01  (BLOCK 12  GRINDHOUSE)
Sci-Fi/Thriller, Germany 2016  
Director Tom Bewilogua
Synopsis:  In a rundown apartment complex in the near dystopian future, a man called “X-33“ is being followed at every turn by a bizarre pulsating object inside the walls. Is this thing real? And if so, can he get rid of it?
PA Premiere


Tastes Like Medicine 16:33  (BLOCK 9  AFTERMATH)
Drama/Fantasy, USA 2016
Director Steven Alexander Russel  
Synopsis:  A young man has a mental breakdown at his ex-lover’s baby shower causing a rift in his reality.
PA Premiere 


Terrence 13:40  (BLOCK 6  GRINDHOUSE)
Offbeat Comedy, USA 2016  
Director Jeffrey Garcia
Synopsis:  A middle-aged ventriloquist begins a romantic relationship with a teenaged girl.  * Mature Content.
World Premiere


They Will All Die in Space 14:47  (BLOCK 6  GRINDHOUSE)
Sci-Fi/Thriller, Spain 2015
Director Javier Chillon
Synopsis:  As the crippled starship, Tantalus, drifts helplessly through space, the two-man skeleton crew revives an engineer from the deep freeze hoping he can make the needed repairs. At least that’s their story…
PA Premiere


Thou Shalt Not Lie 9:00  (BLOCK 11  THE DARK SIDE)
Thriller, Germany 2016  
Director Sascha Zimmermann  
Synopsis:  Daniel awakens to find himself bound and gagged in a dark basement with a terrifying masked figure demanding answers. 
North East Premiere

To Quiet My Mind 5:00  (BLOCK 14  THE EXPERIMENT)
Experimental / Drama, LA 2016  
Director Hollis Sherman-Pepe
Synopsis:  Painting is the only salvation for a despondent man searching for meaning after the death of his war photojournalist wife.
PA Premiere

The Training of Poe (Trailer)  3:42  (BLOCK 6  GRINDHOUSE)
Director Mistress Bella Vendetta
Synopsis:  Trans Lesbian queer porn icon Chelsea Poe travels to the mountains of western Massachusetts for an intense three day slave training at the old guard leather household of Mistress Bella Vendetta. This is the trailer for the immersive 2 hour BDSM documentary of the same name.
*Strong Sexual Content – No one under 18 permitted

A Tricky Treat 3:07  (BLOCK 12  GRINDHOUSE)
Horror/Dark Comedy, USA 2015
Director Patricia Chica
Synopsis:  A man is kidnapped by a very strange family and his fate is held in the hands of two kids.  'A Tricky Treat' presents a shocking tale of the unexpected with a twist.
North East Premiere

Tucker Noir 12:15  (BLOCK 5  IDENTITY)
Documentary/LGBTQ, USA 2017
Director Heidi Moore
Synopsis:  Take a brief look into the life of Northern California's drag king sweetheart, Tucker Noir. Watch as he hosts Chico California's 2016 Gay Pride weekend and gives us some insight on what performing drag is all about.
PA Premiere

Vindicte-Retalitation 26:00  (BLOCK 15  JUSTICE)
Drama, Benin 2016
Director Ange-Régis Hounkpatin  
Synopsis:  18 years old Awa learns that her father has just been murdered while she’s away at school. Frustrated by the inaction of her brother and the local police, Awa joins an angry mob of vigilantes determined to get justice for her father’s death. She soon regrets her decision. 
North East Premiere

We Together 7:10  (BLOCK 11  THE DARK SIDE)
Horror/Dance, LA 2016  
Director Henry Kaplan
Synopsis:  The tale of a zombie who begins to remember the person who he used to be.
PA Premiere 

White Face 21:00  (BLOCK 5  IDENTITY)
Drama, USA 2016
Director Mtume Gant
Synopsis:  New York Actor Charles Rogers hates his skin and all the hardship that comes with it. Feeling trapped by his race, Charles believes he has found the solution to his problems - change his appearance to embody 'Whiteness.’
PA Premiere;  Best Actor Nomination