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The Camel Boy


15:00 BLOCK 8 LOSS

Drama (Tunisia) 2018

Director: Chabname Zariâb

PA Premiere


SYNOPSIS: Somewhere in the desert, a little boy is plunged by force into an intimidating and completely foreign new world: the world of camel racing. Will the distant hope of seeing his mother again give him the strength to overcome his fears and find his place in this hostile environment?


DIRECTOR BIO: CHABNAME ZARIÂB (Kaboul, AFGHANISTAN, 1982). Chabname Zariâb is 7 when she emigrates to France with her parents. She grew up in a very literary family and studied law in Paris, then real estate before becoming an expert in damage. In 2011, Chabname publishes his first novel, "The Afghan Pianist," winner of several literary prizes. She then turned to writing documentary screenplay. In 2015, she spent the first time behind the camera with her short fiction film "When you hear the bells," which has met with great success in festivals around the world, accounting lots of awards and being named at the César 2016. After her second short film, "L'enfant chameau" ("The Camel Boy"), she is preparing her next short film and writing her first feature-length work.

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