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On Our Own


10:53 BLOCK 8 LOSS

Drama, Student Film (USA) 2019

Director: Chad Hamilton

World Premiere


SYNOPSIS: A young girl learns to adapt to her new reality after a death in the family.


DIRECTOR BIO: Chad Hamilton is a passionate young filmmaker from Charleston, SC and based in Philadelphia, PA. Because he has spent the majority of his life over seas, he feels he has an eclectic perspective on story telling. He has worked crew on numerous big budget film such as Creed, Split, and countless independent films. He now would like to head his own sets and simply make good films. He has a B.A. in Film and Video from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia.

DIRECTOR STATEMENT: After my last film Not Yet I really wanted to push myself in creating a more involved experience. I used what I learned from the first film on top of the new skills I received in university. My goal was to create something visually and emotionally stirring. On Our Own serves as a spiritual sequel to Not Yet. Focusing on the struggles of losing a loved one and adjusting to the new reality.

Twitter: @Globalnomad22


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