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70:00 BLOCK 10 LUZ

Horror (Germany) 2018

Director: Tilman Singer

PA Premiere


SYNOPSIS: One rainy night, Luz, a young taxi driver, drags herself through the brightly lit door of a rundown police station. In a bar, the seductive Nora engages police psychotherapist Dr. Rossini in conversation. As the evening wears on she tells him about Luz, a rebellious school friend at her old girl’s school in Chile. Nora is possessed by a demon. The creature that has possessed her longs for the woman it loves – Luz. Nora makes Dr Rossini drunk and the demon takes possession of the unsuspecting therapist. Supervised by his colleagues Inspector Bertillon and their translator, Olarte, Dr Rossini puts the confused Luz under hypnosis. Luz goes through the events which occurred immediately prior to her arrival at the police station. But the creature lurking undetected inside Dr Rossini wants more. Gradually, it begins to influence Luz’ memories, unleashing long-buried emotions. Luz is a thriller that toys with the audience’s perceptions.


DIRECTOR BIO: Born in Leipzig, Germany in 1988, Tilman Singer began producing commercials in the USA, France and Germany before studying at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne. Since then, he has directed several short films, commercials and music videos. Luz is his debut feature film. He currently lives and works in Cologne.

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