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20:00 BLOCK 8 LOSS

Drama (USA) 2018

Director: Andrew Reid

PA Premiere


SYNOPSIS: Inspired by a true story. A recent spinal cord injury patient struggles to reconcile his sense of self-worth with his new reality as a paraplegic.


DIRECTOR BIO: Andrew Reid was born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica. He is a DGA Award winning director and recent graduate from USC School of Cinematic Arts. Since his tenure at USC, he has worked at Pearl Street Films, Paramount Pictures, Intel, NBCUniversal, Discovery Communications and Sony Music Entertainment where he wrote, directed and produced.

At the age of 21, he became paralyzed from the chest down. A malformation of his blood vessels (AVM) resulted in a rupture which compressed his spine while he was sleeping, leaving him completely paralyzed. He was told by doctors he would never walk again but with dedication and perseverance he regained movement. Today, he walks with a cane and continues to progress in strength and health. He became an advocate for the disabled community and expanded his film production skills by moving from Miami to Los Angeles.

His goal is to foster his directing skills to bring new and diverse perspectives to cinema, that promote a culturally progressive future for our society.

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