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Animation (Canada) 2019

Director: Jessica Blaquiere

World Premiere


SYNOPSIS: A romantic date leaves an elated woman pregnant. To the doctor’s surprise, she gives birth to an unusual offspring but remains unfazed and loves her child. A bizarre and tragic turn of events occurs after the delivery that reveals the mother’s peculiar side.


DIRECTOR BIO: I began making stop-motion music videos alongside my husband Marc Blaquiere one and a 2012 as a promotional tool for the band we were currently in – Kill City Kids. A dozen videos, including Baby, have been completed to date and each video provided a new lesson that could be used to improve the next video.In this time, I quickly learned of my love of the video making process and, naturally, the videos evolved as art projects of their own. I started off just purchasing dolls and hand making the sets and furniture, but eventually wanted more interesting characters so I began producing my own. I hand sculpt the characters using polymer clay and sew small clothing. I am currently working on a new video with Marc for the Vancouver band Jerk in the Can.

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