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A Black Letter Day



Drama (Belarus) 2018

Director: Ekaterina Tarasova

US Premiere


SYNOPSIS: War. 1944 Belarus. After completing the assignment, a detachment of Soviet partisans returns to the camp with an important report. War and death haunt them. Only one instant will decide whether life is worth dying for.


DIRECTOR BIO: Ekaterina Tarasova was born in Minsk, Belarus in a family of actors. As a child, she began performing at the theater. She graduated from the Minsk State Academy of Arts as a drama director. At the beginning of her career she worked in the theater. Started working in the cinema, and studying right on the set. In 2018, she made her film debut as a stage director.

DIRECTOR STATEMENT: One day my daughter told me "Mom, I think that the director is an artist, only he paints not his picture, but his world." I think this is the right idea for me. I'm just interested in sharing my world.

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