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Experimental Short, Student (USA) 2018

Writer / Director: Chara Woods


SYNOPSIS: An eye opening depiction of how African Americans still face many obstacles and barriers in today’s society.


DIRECTOR BIO: As a little girl singing in her church choir; Chara Woods, her family and her peers knew would have a bright future. From dancing, to acting, becoming an entrepreneur and her most recent venture of filmmaking, Chara has always been a jack of all trades. Born and raised in Pleasantville, New Jersey with a former art teacher as a father and an accountant as a mother, the importance of Education and Creativity have been instilled in her from birth. She is currently a 17 year old senior majoring in Film production at Chartertech High School of the Performing Arts. She plans to pursue a degree in business administration while also furthering her passion of film along the way.

DIRECTOR STATEMENT: With all the hateful and race driven atrocities that have occurred within the past years, I was nothing but moved and inspired to pour out the truth on camera. The truth being that injustice and race issues are still very prominent in today’s society and awareness, unity and change are the only ways only ways equality will truly be served.

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