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Experimental (USA) 2018

Writer / Director: Scott Monahan

World Premiere


SYNOPSIS: In the near future, there has been a recent global shift in consciousness. The souls of two lovers meet in Source and choose to experience love and sexuality in human form on Earth.


DIRECTOR BIO: Scott Monahan is a Los Angeles based artist. He works across the board in theater, film, and tv. He started a career in front of the camera in Tokyo, Japan where his father was stationed for seven years. After moving to Los Angeles in 2011 and continuing work and education, he tries to take time out of his performance schedule to create his own vision and stories. Movies are his first love and he looks forward to a lifetime filled with creative expression as this medium continues to change and evolve.

DIRECTOR STATEMENT: This film came to me slowly over months as a concept I had been meditating and researching. I had an intense experience during an Ayahuasca ceremony where I had asked to see "Source" or the source of all things. I was rushed into a whirlwind of time and space into a place where everything existed simultaneously, all lives, all emotions, all beings, all time, all happening at once. If we live thousands of lives with our same soul, or reincarnation is chosen, or we live an undeterminable amount of lives simultaneously, or the same life over and over again, whatever you believe, what if two lovers who have lived countless lives together, and whose memories of source are were wiped at birth, were able to live their first life together consciously, with knowledge of all lives before. This film is my best attempt at putting that into a meditative visual experience.

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