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The Master of Cuchillo



Drama / Suspense Thriller (Mexico) 2018

Director: Rodrigo Sebastian Gonzalez

PA Premiere


SYNOPSIS: Timoteo is a chef who is cursed with an unhealthy obsession for juggling knives - just like his father before him. And despite the traumatic loss of a finger, he must constantly struggle to control his dangerous urges. But there are some triggers that exceed all forces.


DIRECTOR BIO: Rodrigo Sebastián González was born in Mexico City, has a BA in International Business from Anahuac University, a diploma in Media and Entertainment from the University of Navarra (NY site) and a diploma in Business by the Harvard University (opm). He is founder and executive producer of Woo Films (2005), a production company that focuses on the development and production of feature films with commercial distribution. Rodrigo Sebastián has been the producer of the following feature films: “Elvira, te daría mi vida pero la estoy usando” (2014), written and directed by Manolo Caro, one of the most important writers and directors at the box office in Mexico. “La vida inmoral de la pareja ideal” (2016), also written and directed by Manolo Caro. “Los adioses” (2017), directed by Natalia Beristain. Winner of the “Audience Award” in the Morelia Film Festival. “Bayoneta” (2018), written and directed by Kyzza Terrazas. Financed in the European Film Market in Berlin and Marche du Film de Cannes. Selected by Los Cabos Film Festival in “Cabo goes to Cannes” 2018. “Las Niñas Bien” (2018), based on the characters of the book “Las Niñas Bien” by Guadalupe Loaeza, best seller in the 80s and 90s. The film was written and directed by Alejandra Marquez. Selected by Toronto International Film Festival. “Cómprame un Revólver” (2018), written and directed by Julio Hernandez Cordón. Selected for the “Quinzaine des Realizateurs” in Cannes. “Perfectos Desconocidos” (Mexican version) (2018), also written and directed by Manolo Caro. And he has been the writer, director and producer of the short film “El Amo de Cuchillo” (The Master of Cuchillo) (2018), his opera prima as a writer and director.

DIRECTOR STATEMENT: Each mind has its own rules, passions, obsessions and ways of loving. But no matter who you are, you should accept yourself as you are, and learn to dance with your darkest version of yourself. The Master of Cuchillo, is a short film (11 min) with the story of chef Timoteo who knows what he doesn't want, he decrees surpassed his love and obsession of juggling knives, his only great talent, but an unexpected trigger awakens his obsession exposing him to death. This short film surpasses important challenges, like the absence of dialogues, physical special effects, special makeup, and VFX.

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