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Nomadic Doctor



Documentary, Student Film (UK / Mongolia) 2017

Director: Mart Bira

East Coast Premiere


SYNOPSIS: This Student Oscar winning documentary is about a lady who travels long isolated distances, up to 100 km in a single day in all types of weather. Traveling day or night, by horse, camel or car, she provides medical care to nomadic families living in the Gobi desert in Mongolia. Although officially a pediatrician, she now covers every aspect of medical practice, from internist, to gynecologist as well as surgery and dentistry. She looks after the health of over 1,400 people, and the Nomadic Doctor is the only person who knows every single one of them. She is the backbone of the Mongolian Health Service.


DIRECTOR BIO: Mart Bira was born in Mongolia and currently lives in London. She is a professional Documentary filmmaker who has formerly worked as a Mongolian National Broadcaster. She has directed many TV documentaries, short films, and live shows. Recently, Nomadic Doctor was awarded the Gold medal at the 2018 Student Academy Awards and qualified for the Oscars. It also won Best Documentary at the 49th Montreal Student Film Festival, the Best Student Short at the Hollywood International Independent Documentary Awards and The Platinum Remi Award at 51st WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival. Last year, Nomadic Doctor also screened at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival.

DIRECTOR STATEMENT: I am attracted to stories that lend themselves to a truth-seeking exploration on the human condition. This documentary reveals an untold and inspirational human story. What attracts me is her true loyalty to stay and follow her parents’ path as a Nomadic, especially as the younger generation no longer want to live in the countryside and most move to the city. I follow her unpredictable journey as she provides emergency medical care to isolated patients, and overcomes harrowing situations rarely captured in a film. This is an observational documentary about her striving for perfection and devotion towards a people and a culture, not only for her work. The film does not leave the natural beauty of Gobi dessert so the environment becomes a character as her life is about the emptiness. Also, the core of the film shows the mesmerizing and harmonic ways of Nomadic life.


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