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Patch Polyester



Grindhouse (USA) 2017

Writer / Director: John Hartman

East Coast Premiere


SYNOPSIS: An undercover policeman takes on dirty cops, the underworld, and a bad-ass bitch gang that gouges out one of his eyes. Undaunted, he is transformed into a brutal vigilante named PATCH POLYESTER. Shot on a glorious mix of Super 8 film and VHS tape.


DIRECTOR BIO: Although our films vary from Z grade productions to polished works for hire, Most Reel Groovy Films are created in the guerilla film making style. The results are often whatever the impulse dictates at the time, with loosely written outlines and/or a basic shot list. We often ignore the script (if there is one) and see what the Universe wants, as opposed to preconceived notions. Often there is danger involved, because unsafe art comes with a risk. Safety marshals are usually avoided. This process seems more natural for us and usually works out great.

DIRECTOR STATEMENT: This is the MAIN faux, Grind-House, super 8 trailer for the PATCH POLYESTER series. This trailer, alone, was suppose to be the only one. However, we used a VHS camera as back up footage, and that material looked so good that additional faux trailers have been shot.

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