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The Replacement



SciFi, Thriller (USA) 2017

Writer / Director: Sean Miller

Lead Actor / Co-Producer: Mike McNamara

Lehigh Valley Premiere


SYNOPSIS: On election night, a janitor feels cheated out of a life he might have lived when his own clone becomes the President. He goes on a bender to seek justice, encountering new forms of prejudice, dismissal, and classism. In a society where the morality around cloning is dividing the masses, physically looking like the newly elected President has its own dangers…


DIRECTOR BIO: Sean is drawn to stories that create new worlds and challenge perspectives. His latest sci-fi thriller, 'The Replacement' recently premiered at the Chicago International Film Festival and Austin Film Festival to excellent reviews. His years of experience on years of action / adventure shorts and features like 'The Dark Knight' and 'Wanted' gives him a unique approach to filmmaking that allows for ambitious projects to be realized at a fraction of the professional price. A Columbia College Chicago graduate, he has Produced and Assistant Directed over 40 short films, commercials, and music videos, working on brands such as Volkswagen, Budweiser, and Air National Guard. Sean blends powerful, imaginative visuals with complex, emotion driven stories.

DIRECTOR STATEMENT: The Replacement was born out of an interest in technology out pacing society. We seem to be speeding toward better and faster solutions for our problems with little regard to the side effects they are having on culture as a whole. The Replacement is a film about how the best of intentions can get us into places we didn't expect, and how some visions of progress can lead to the abandonment of many. The Replacement reflects this danger with a fanciful world of advanced clones that can out-perform their originals at everything, creating a new labor class. Having just won equal rights, the clones are stars of a new identity politics movement, and the world elevates them to the top of society, with less and less room for natural born humans.

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