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The Stop



Dance, Drama (Russia) 2019

Director: Liudmila Komrakova

East Coast Premiere


SYNOPSIS: A girl has a fight with a respectable older man in a car and leaves him. At the bus stop, she meets a handsome young man and they immediately fall in love. Then the man in the car returns and finds them together.


DIRECTOR FILMOGRAPHY: Muze (2016), Taste of Night (2017), The Return (2018), The Stop (2019) No film Education.

DIRECTOR STATEMENT: Our short dance film, THE STOP, is about love. Moreover: it is the film about love at first sight. The casual meeting of two lonely people at the bus stop unexpectedly generates great feeling in their hearts. They plunge into it and do not notice what's happening around them. For them, the cold and rain are unimportant. The ambiguity of the situation till the end helps to hold the attention of the viewer. The resolution helps the audience to look at the film with a new point of view. It is not just a movie about love at first sight, but also about the relationship of parent and child. This film is about the parents' need to reconcile a beloved child entering adulthood. Even if it is difficult for them to accept, they will sincerely be glad for their daughter or son when they find happiness. The rain and music for us are indissoluble. They go in parallel going stronger and calming down. The Stop unexpectedly becomes a gate to the other world in which miracles may happen. Having seasoned drama actor Nikolay Burov play the father helps to make the movie more vital and reliable. The young lady is played by Maria Marinova-Vasilieva who is the absolute Champion of Russia, Vice Champion of Europe, finalist of World Champion in Tango Argentina. Anton Popichenko as the young man is a two-time Champion of Russia in Milonga, several times finalist of Europe, finalist of Mundial in Tango Argentina, winner of Blackpool Dance Festival, and was awarded the Isadora Duncan prize.

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