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Ways to Look at the Moon



Drama (USA) 2018

Writer / Director: Katherine Clark

Producer / Lead Actress: Amy Frear

Lehigh Valley Premiere


SYNOPSIS: Sensing their relationship is drifting apart, an artist attempts to reconnect with an astronomer but gets lost in a universe of her own making.


DIRECTOR BIO: Katherine Elisabeth Clark’s films have screened at Flickers' Rhode Island International Film Festival (Directorial Discovery Award), Jim Thorpe Independent Film Festival (Best Sci-Fi/Horror Short), Female Eye Film Festival (nominated Best Short), Another Hole in the Head, Philadelphia Unnamed Film Festival, and New York City Horror Film Festival, among others. Katherine has been a fellow in Creative Lab Hawaii's year-long Writers Immersive Program.

Katherine also works to increase visibility in local and regional arts. She is the co-founder of PopUp Anthology, a Trenton, NJ-based organization dedicated to supporting the voices of local, independent filmmakers. With PopUp, she has organized and curated screenings that feature numerous regional filmmakers, and has brought local shorts programs to partnering organizations such as Artworks Trenton, Trenton Film Society, and Pennsylvania Center for Photography, in addition to Full Spectrum Features in Chicago.

She has twice served as a judge at the Westfield International Film Festival, and has led panels on Social Issue Filmmaking at Trenton Film Festival. She has also been involved with the Chicago International Children's Film Festival and Facets Multimedia.

Since 2017, Katherine has worked at Theatre Philadelphia to organize and promote the annual Philly Theatre Week, highlighting over 80 theatre companies and 300 performances in a 10-day period, in addition to the Barrymore Awards for Excellence in Theatre Ceremony and Celebration, re-granting over $100,000 to individual artists and companies.

Katherine earned her M.F.A. in Film Directing from Columbia College Chicago, and her B.A. from UNC Asheville. She has also attended Masaryk University to conduct research on the Czechoslovak New Wave. She is originally from Charlotte, North Carolina. She now resides in Philadelphia.

DIRECTOR STATEMENT: Ways to Look at the Moon is a story about people who see the world in different ways. It explores the emotional labor that can weigh on one person in a relationship when trying to create a balance and offer a means for connection - all on their own. In other words: what it means to come together, and what it means to feel distant.

Throughout the process of creating this film, I was frequently reminded that the world is an increasingly challenging place. Whether the cause is divisive politics, or a lack of vulnerability and empathy, relationships seem more and more difficult to maintain. Ways to Look at the Moon allowed me to explore this dynamic and the loneliness that can emerge through a painter who encounters a DJ, two astronauts, an absent astronomer, and memories of a karaoke night.

This film is a collaboration of galactic proportions by diverse, multidisciplinary artists across the region. From organizing a disco dance party during a snowstorm to embodying astronauts by the Delaware River during a cold, windy night, each member of the cast and crew helped to create this visual journey about what it means to desire connection.

My sincerest thank you for your consideration,

Katherine Clark

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