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Dark Comedy, Thriller (USA) 2019

Director: Dillon Dowdell

East Coast Premiere


SYNOPSIS: Organics is an improvised genre bending midnight short starring ensemble star of Richard Linklater's EVERYBODY WANTS SOME!! Temple Baker. It's the tale of Archie, an innocent barista who's convinced by his new co-worker to stay after hours for a drink with her and her unhinged boyfriend, as well as her stunning and very single best friend. With a morning shift looming Archie’s initially reluctant to accept the invitation, but a little peer pressure and sexual tension pushes him to say yes. He'll find out soon enough that these three complete strangers have darker, more sinister plans for their night out on the east side of LA.


DIRECTOR BIO: Dillon Dowdell is a writer, director, and producer from the San Francisco Bay Area. Under the moniker, Playground, he's directed music videos which have premiered on publications such as PAPER magazine and BILLBOARD, for artists signed to Atlantic Records as well as the German indie dance artist Roosevelt. He makes his narrative directing debut with his 2019 short film Organics.

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