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Documentary, Experimental, LGBTQ (Netherlands) 2018

Writer / Director: Jan Pieter Tuinstra

Writer / Director: Keren Levi

PA Premiere


SYNOPSIS: A vogue dancer performs at a Voodoo Carnival Ball, an important dance contest where he will have to prove himself to be accepted by the local ballroom community. Based upon the biographical story of Elvin Elejandro Martinez.


DIRECTOR BIO: Jan Pieter Tuinstra (Netherlands, 1971) was born in a small village in the North of the Netherlands. After pre-university school he attended the Academy of fine Arts St. Joost in the city of Breda. In 1995 he graduated as a director at the audiovisual department. His graduation film was awarded as the best student production at the national film festival. Ever since Tuinstra has been working alternately as a director and director of photography for documentaries, television series and commercials.

​​DIRECTOR BIO: Keren Levi (Israel, 1972). Since 2004, Levi has built an varied profile as a choreographer with works including “Territory” (2004 / NL /BNG award), about identity and representation, the intense physical duet “Couple-Like 2” (2006 / NL-BE / Zilveren Krekel award) in collaboration with Ugo Dehaes) and “The Dry Piece” (2012 / NL / Dioraphte Award), a video-dance performance about beauty and femininity. Between dance, live music and video, Levi’s work is best described as transdisciplinary, yet it is founded on choreographic principles. Levi teaches dance, body-work and choreography at The School for New dance Development (SNDO), as well as in festivals, training programs and companies across Europe.

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