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Sci-Fi, Drama, Mystery (USA) 2018

Director: George R. Martens II

Screenwriter & Lead Actor: Christopher Piccione

PA Premiere


SYNOPSIS: When Adam's wife goes into a coma after a car accident, he's faced with the most difficult decision of his life...being pressured to pull the plug. As he struggles to come to terms with his loss, he's informed of another possible option by the cutting-edge Leda Genetics Corporation.


DIRECTOR BIO: George R. Martens II is a Jersey City, NJ based film director. He grew up with American Sign Language being his primary language at home lending him to naturally think in a visual way from a very young age.After developing a passion for filmmaking in High School, he pursued a B.F.A. in Film Production from Montclair State University, where he served as film club treasurer & equipment cage manager. Since college, George has directed music videos featured on MTV & BET. His approach to directing has been shaped by multiple acting classes, his extensive experience in camera & electrical departments, as well as ten years of being a youth camp counselor & basketball coach.Since Juniper, George recently directed a fashion film, & is currently working on other projects.

DIRECTOR STATEMENT: Making this film challenged all of us to consider the things that make each one of us human. Is it our consciousness? Our thoughts and emotions? Or is it our soul?Juniper explores what those possibilities could mean when someone is tempted to bring back the one person they love the most. One insignificant man in a small town making a god-like decision.Filming at my family's farm in East Meredith, NY set the tone of the production for us. It was surreal to see the story come to life where I had spent most of my childhood. It was an amazing experience.I'd like to thank the cast and crew for being such talented professionals and bringing their hard work to set every day.

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