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Drama / Romance / Student Film (Australia) 2018

Writer / Director: Charnstar Anderson

East Coast Premiere


SYNOPSIS: A young transvestite tries to hide the fact that he's impulsively wearing red lingerie on a first date.


DIRECTOR BIO: Writer/Director Charnstar Anderson has been working in the film industry since 2009. With a focus on editing and acting, he has won several awards for short films over the years (48 Hour Film Project, Moviemania) and worked on independent feature films (Red Curtain Hell, The Last Witch). More recently, he has been using his already set skills to build more skills in writing and directing. Charnstar’s first short, L-Plates, was a huge success, winning Best International Comedy at WOEFF and Best Short Film at JMC Martini Awards. His next short, another action comedy, Pizza Deliverance, had even bigger success, screening all over the world and winning a few awards along the way. LACE is Charnstar's first film since graduating from JMC Academy,

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